Singer Joe Emrold in a worry that they as artists from the North may not get the NRM money,he explains 8 reasons why..

Platinum records CEO Singer Joe Emrold finally breaks silent on a wait for the NRM money they have promised them some months back as Northern artists.

Joe Emrold believe that the NRM money all Northern artists are waiting may not be given and the wait might be in vein..he list 8 reasons why the money may not reach the Northern artists and he also said the artists in the programs are headed by some one who is managing a NUP candidate.

Below he explains 8 reasons why the money may not be given to the artists.

“Reasons why Our Artists won’t get the NRM money.
Hate it or love it but this is fact u will ve to accept and deal with it yet guys in kampala are busy getting their money.
Our artists are so divided that they can’t even join their mouth in order to achieve anything,they only get to meet on occasions like funeral arrangements or parties. This has made decision making become one of the hardest thing.
We will never look at long term/time opportunities but rather look at something that will make us eat today,drink today and also have fun today forgetting the next day there is actually nothing left in the pocket.
Some of our musicians and people clipping themselves in the music industry has always been having huge plans that they can never implement. They start up something that doesn’t yield something therefore ending up destroying the next opportunity
We tend to know much more about the others lifestyle than our on hence leading to little coordination among us.
We don’t wanna see an individual artist take a step, we shall start all sorts of stories to make sure we belittle the person till they feel worthless however much the person is doing much better than u.
We are too eager to get things we can’t afford but we are too lazy to work for what we want and those are things that make us have wrong and blind decisions and we end up losing opportunities.
Some of us has actually looked at some of the leaders we have previously had as useless and threat to the NRM money not only that…. We .missed government support during the COVID19 cos of the same things. Others were broke and wanting help but pride made them suffer silently.
LASTLY …..(main reason) We have been under so many different leadership but only one leadership has something to show. A new team of management showed up from no where when they heard about the money and forgot the basics. Eg. What we do, who we support, who we manage and which activities are ongoing. What i mean here is….
We have a mixed up support between or on both NRM and NUP and we are not realizing that before they release that money they will do follow ups on where the money is going and who are the people receiving the money and what we don’t know is that the Government clearly understands that the music fraternity has a higher chance of being BOBI WINE supporters than, NRM therefore they will never release the money unless they know who you support, but here we are being headed by someone who is supporting NRM and managing someone under NUP Umbrella.
Who on earth is stupid enough to give u his money when u don’t have a colour.
My dear brothers and sisters who wrote their names,signed those papers and also paid the contributions they asked for. Get ready to be in jail after you have all failed to account for that money cos one thing you have to know is that the money is already there but u wont receive it. Until u clear up ur colour and show true support.
All that i ve said is not personal but the truth and we have to change our characters if we want to change OUR LOVES.”… said Singer Joe Emrold