Singer Lady Sharia Oveni Vybing Loaded Promoter Abem Bem

Chart-topping female singer Lady Sharia- known for fronting Northern Uganda’s female music with her song Lapeny Pe Labal – is vybing her celebrity promoter, boyfriend Ladit Abem Bem.
The two, who live in Kampala, have been together for a couple of times and often spend weekends making love.
Loaded Abem Bem, the man behind Sharia’s music promotions in and out of Northern Uganda, recently seems to be showing the song bird love.
The promoter from Kampala made his name in Northern Uganda’s music industry , working under some of the biggest names in the industry for instance Sharia, Lucky David, Jenet Prisca and then running a successful business in the capital city of Uganda.
It was there that Abem Bem and Sharia met.
The Northern Uganda stars though hasn’t come to confirm they are engaged to one another, the engagement rumours is unbearable.
We wishes them all the best in case it is going through between them.