Singer Laxzy Movers landed himself in a big trouble,fans need him to apologise.

STN singer Laxzy movers landed him self in big trouble after he failed to control his emotional reaction towards fan who try to approach him about the ‘TETE’ music video’ one of his viral song

The fan who was badly waiting for Tete music video was pissed by his own artiste Laxzy. Despite the fact that Laxzy movers is among the coolest/simple musicians,this time around the singer failed to control his emotional and backed fired his own fan after he tried to advice him how he perceive the upcoming Tete music video.

“JAL you better leave Tete music video. You know good song come with the video is now six months without tete video get serious like Buganda”…Said the fans

“Did you send money to my accounts for the music video or your my manager now.wek ten wic” you can’t even pull 10k for show ..only you know is paying 3Laxzy movers first replied and follows by others words.

Some said what trigger the artiste emotional was comparing him with ‘Lukaki”.it didn’t only stop there huge fans come in forcing Laxzy movers to apologise or else he might loose some of his fans because that was just like an advice…some also said it’s unprofessional to shared a private massage to the public.

Here is some of the reaction from fans

Inno Cent
okay I was just dropping that comment to help a brother, in fact Laxzy movers should apologize to him for being rude.
Is it his fault not to afford 10k, does he know how that dude tries his best to pay 3k for shows? Let me not start it here coz am for wishes not battles.

Sum Inno
But why did you react emotionally like that? Advises and comments cannot change your settings but that one last harsh comment there can cost you a need to apologise

Løk-pë Gißsön Kish
Laxy mover’s reply is just like for any other ordinary idiot with no sense.
Ask yourself , if you do music for yourself to listen to.
It’s the fans who have made you be recognised as an artist whether they contribute finance or not to your show .Not all are interested anyway
Keep letting the fans down and you see if the music stands .
Dudi matek

Advising luwer tek..
I think a fan was just trying to communicate something sensible n boom,u caught feelings..
N wait,when did u put a show for 10k n we didn’t pay?..

Knockline Emmyland
But you should learn how to reply people u never know

Itz UG
Its not a crime for a fan to demand that simply means he expects more and givea u attention…

Patrick Kidega
Yeah, buh don’t u think yo somehow being so reactive.its look like an advice

Below are the private massage fan private massage laxzy movers shared to the public.