Could Singer Muzee B 2 Star Be Owning This Car With Customized Plate Numbers?

Very few artistes have the luxury of driving around town in custom-made plate numbers.
The few customized plate numbers we see at events are usually stick on that comes off soon as they leave the event.
While many celebrities would be glad to drive cars with their custom number plates, it can be an expensive venture, reported to cost as much as one million Uganda’s shillings monthly for the license.
It would have been in light of this that 2 Star took the plunge and bought himself the custom-made plate numbers.
With much criticisms from the general public, Benni Man had yet said nothing but sources close to 2 Star has it that Benni Man is more than able to afford by himself a personalized number plate.
We are yet to confirm from Benni Man 2 Star whether he owns the car with customized number plate