Singer Odong Romeo UK show to be paid only 19million UGX but not is the reason.

Yesterday Monday 2 March 2020,Yoo leng hit Maker and a Gulu based Gospel singer Romeo Odong boarded a plane to UK to stage his first show in the region.a show organized by London based Luo cultural group.

The news reaching our desk indicates that Odong Romeo London show is to be paid only 5200$ equivalent to 19millionUGX but not 20millionUGX as stated early by his active manager Osai.we were told the reason why the singer will bagged only 19millionUGX instead of 20million because all the expenses has been taken by the organizers of the event including plane cost of to and Fro.

Odong Romeo is set to perform in UK London on 8 March 2020 women’s day.

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