Singer Pretty B claims her new cattle farm cost her 32 millionUGX to set up.

Acaa Beatrice best known Pretty B showed off her new established Cattle farm located in Akonyi new Unyama in Gulu.

There is plenty of money in the Northern Uganda music industry if singer Pretty B’s recent claims can hold water.

The singer who is rank number 7 amongst the top 10 richest artist in Northern Uganda recently set up a cattle farm in Konyi new Umyama in Gulu,according source and made the good news through her best friends, Being Pretty B

One thing that she has never shared with his fans and music lovers is the amount of money she parted with to acquire the Catle farm.

However, the singer recently let the cat out of the bag in a conversation with her best friend Sarah Ajok where she claimed her catle farm set her back with over 32millionUGX.