Singer Pretty B donates over 20 sacks of maize Flour to Gulu Covid-19 task force.

Despite the fact that her fellow singers are getting excited after receiving food relief from the tasks forces, Singer Acaa Beatrice best known pretty B is doing the opposite.Anyway no hard feelings she was recently named number 7 among the Top 10 Northern Uganda Richest musicians.

Yesterday Tuesday 5th,April 2020,Pretty B donated over 20sacks of maize Flour to Gulu Covid-19 tasks force.

“This is what I can only afford to support my community during this hard times,Yesterday 15th,April I decided to donates 18 sacks of maize Flour to Gulu tasks forces.Credits to those who have & did the same”….Pretty B posted.

Team from Gulu District also praises pretty B for what decision she made.
Watch the video below.