Singer Pretty B reconciled with Promoter Jacob Spragga after two years of fight.

The two badies Promoter Jacob Spragga and kamule singer Pretty B who started their fights one half years back from Pece based label ‘Pine Avenue5 record label’,finally they reconciled.

The two friends turned enemies who also block themselves on social media sites such as twitter,facebook,instergrame and others social media web pages made consistent with one another today morning 1st May/2019.

An hour after the restoration of friendly relations between them,Promoter Jacob Spragga went straight online to tell his followers how best pretty B is good at the music game.

“*** A Touch On Pretty B ***
When “i We They” Are MaKing A Music Statement Pretty B is Always On The First Lists. No-Lie She’s The Realest Toughest Music Soul Many LooK UpTo..She Lifted
NorthernUganda Music To The OutSide Corners Of The World & Still Doing it.”…..Said Spragga

Although they have made a reconcilatiion,Spragger and Pretty B themselves still remains blocked on most social medias sites including facebook.

But we were also told Spragga already removed Pretty Beatrice from the phone calls Black list.