Singer Pretty B starts own NGO ‘Pretty Beatrice foundation’ to support teenage mother’s.

Singer Acaya Beatrice AKA Pretty B seems to be the only Northern Uganda’s Artist putting in use all four ways of using money i.e Spending,Saving, investing and Donation.

Today Friday 28th,May,2021, Singer Pretty B surprised citizens with unbelievable activities,She starts her own non profitable organization/NGO name ‘Pretty Beatrice foundation’ a name derived from her name.

According to Pretty B her self,she said the foundation strictly will focus on encouraging and supporting young teenage mother’s and letting to gain hope again.

“CHILD/TEENAGE PREGNANCY Teenage pregnancy in gulu communities is beyond the expected. The increase in child and teenage pregnancy in our communities is so alarming .a lot of young girls got pregnant during COVID-19 period . some of this girls are rejected by both their parents and the men responsible leaving them devastated with no hope of a better life or ever returning to school. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent girls which has led to child mothers is complex and the consequences have the potential to be long lasting. So to minimize the damage this has brought on girls lives,particularly those already facing rejection PRETTY BEATRICE foundation and well-wishers responds now to the impact Covid-19 is having on our little sisters/children in Gulu communities. Physical and psychological support is agently needed so as to address or gun the expected danger since some of them are already seeing suicide as their only alternative
More details about the foundation will be on the official website of ‘Pretty Beatrice foundation’
“… Pretty B posted about the foundation on her social media handles.