Singer Striker Tresino in a debt after trying to shoot music video worth only 3.5 million UGX,a video that exceeded his normal budget.

Singer Striker Tresino dubt G-town ambassador could be on overall lead with his upcoming ‘Ki kany’ music visual,a video shot and Directed by Jowee of the Fame film but the bad news is that Striker could have jumped into something that exceeded his normal budget.

Even through Striker has releases the teasers of the ki many music video few days ago,the singer might not be able to pay for the remaining balance he owe the Director.hence the video could not be release soon as expected.

According to the video director Jowee,said Striker Tresino at the first place agree to pay him the whole 3.5 million UGX before he started to cry over that he have an obligation to pay only 2.8million UGX.

According to clarified source,also claims the singer has tried to collect & owe most of his close friend to repay the video remaining 2 million UGX balance.