Singer Tempra Omona survived death

Without the wheel of God, today Tempra Omona fans would have been mourning there star.yesterday evening Legendary singer Omona Tempra narrowly escape death.

The incident happened yesterday Friday 17/November Gulu to Kitgum High way when the singer Perished in a road accidents while he was traveling for an event in Kitgum town.According to report Northern Buzz obtained, indicate that Tempra Omona got minor injury in his left leg.
We wish him Quick recovery

“So on my trip to Kitgum, got a little accident on the way (no details plz), as showtime got closer it got worse..time check 9pm, i was all fevered up, basically limping nurses tried what they cud..1:am (showtime), for the first time I would limp on stage. Mc calls me and am on stage surprisingly for the next 1 and half hours I was myself, no pain no fever and a wild crowd..I did what I do #Murdered and was off stage..As soon as I got off, everything came back, swollen knees paining, fever highest and limped to bed. Am still wondering what happened.. but my thinking is God works in mysterious ways…now let me limp back to kla..Thanx KITI I bet u didn’t know I was struggling but thanx lots.”…… Said Tempra Omona.