Sio Ready’s Biography:- A talented luo singer

Sio Re’eady birth name Okite Marvine is a very talented Langi singer \songwriter who was born on the 15th October 1996 to mother Aceng Joy and Dad Engur Francis from Bulkur village, Aramita parish, Ngai sub-county Oyam district [Northern Uganda]
In early 2000’s, Sio Re’eady’s Dad a teacher moved his family to Lira municipality because of the devastating war in northern Uganda, Sio Re’eady’s Dad decided they move to where they can escape the LRA war abduction which was very rampant and as well continue with their studies. In 2001, Sio Re’eady began his school at Jack and Jill Nusary School. He afterward joins Primary level in 2003. Sio Re’eady later on joins Secondary School level in 2010 and ended schooling in 2013.
It was from Secondary school that Sio Re’eady’s keen interests and love for music grew extensively.
He particularly paid a keen interest in songs styles, Sio Re’eady began singing in 2010 from his Secondary School by featuring one legendary singer Jimmy Abila the brain behind hit song “Apara ngo”.
In 2013, Sio Re’eady joined Kagoga church choirs from which he learned much in music such as vacal styles and rythym for performing particular song
This transpires Sio Re’eady to go much higher in music and he formed his label “Early Gate Music” and he has recorded his first audio “Am The One” from MTK audio productions Label by re_knowned producer Mati Kos. The audio is out and words around has it that the video is being work on.
Here is his latest song