So sad:3yrs old Boy in a worse condition Granted a wish to his parents to let Okeng Borntown see him in the hospital .

It was 9th July 2019 Tuesday the parent of young ill boy in a worse condition at Kitgum reffaral hospital wrote a letter to Okeng borntown. In the letter, his parents explain that it was their sons wish to meet the singer and actor. Three year old Andy, who was admited 5 days in the hospital was a fan to Okeng.

The parents not only wrote a letter but also they try to called a radio station to find out how they could get Okeng Borntown phone number. In an effort to communicate with the singer,the parent display their contact for any one close Okeng born to let him call them.

“Please any one with Okeng Borntown phone number,My son in a worse condition at the hospital here, every time crying to me to let Okeng borntown come and see him,” he added
“Okeng please call me on this number 0782204602″….Said the father of the boy

Watch the video below