So sad:A man in Lamwo District committed suicide after his wife denied him sex.

A man in Lamwo district in Northern Uganda took off his life after they failed to agree with the wife when and where to have sex.
Olara Moses-30 a resident of Potika followed his wife- Atoo Scovia last Wednesday who had gone to her father’s home to help them with harvesting foodstuff from the gardens.
But her husband, the late Olara after waiting for his wife for one week in vain, he went there and was taken to the room where the wife was sleeping.
It is reported that after he reached the room, he demanded for conjugal rights from the wife who declined because the children were still awake, but he couldn’t listen and a quarrel started between them, he left prematurely without touching the thing.
Olara ran back to his home in Potika and decided to take off his life at around 4:00am and her wife upon returning home the following day, found him hanging on a tree just 5 meters away from their house dead.
Patrick Jimmy Okema Aswa Region Spokesperson says the cases suicide in the region is appalling. It now brings the total number of suicide death to 35 since Jan 2020.
Credit:choowo willy

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