So sad:Gulu Electoral Commission Official Tabu who was kidnapped found Dead in the forest.

Tabu the Electoral Commission Official who was kidnapped found Dead.
According to Acholi times a Gulu base media,Tabu full name Richard Tabu,a senior Supervisor at the Electoral Commission in-charge
of Pece -Laroo Division in Gulu City who went missing some days ago has been found dead a Forest in the outskirt of Gulu City.

Tabu was reportly Kidnapped by unknown persons on 8 January,2020,shortly after he left office.The Electoral Commission office is
located along upper Churchhill Drive senior Quarters,Gulu City.

A case of disappearance was registered at Gulu CPS under SD number 23/09/01/2021.

On 15,january,2021,his badly decomposed body was found in Forest ward, just 500 meters from the EC office/his office.

Preliminary police investigation indicate that empty bottle of Carbofuran, one of the most toxic carbamate pesticides was found
lying beside him. Traces of the chemical was also reportly found in his blood system.

Grace Davis Pande,the Officer in charge of Criminal investigations Department at Gulu Central Police Station said the chemical
also destroyed the victims vital organs. Its is however not clear if he ingested the chemical to end his life.

No single suspect has been arrested in connection to death of Tabu.