So sad:Lira renown artist Chemical man be@t his fellow to nearly de@th for over 2,000 UGX

Juba police post in lira town has issued the arrest of a renown Northern Uganda Singer Chemical Man after be@ting his fellow friend identified as Ocen Brian for over 2000UGX.

After the arrest has been issued Northern buzz confirmed the singer Ali chemical man who is best known for his song commando is still in the hide out since the mess had happened.

A local Entertainment tabloid in lira town early reported that the incident happened yesterday afternoon 20/Sept while singer chemical man was playing a card game with his fellow friends for dimes exchange at a place known as kakoge in Lira town.

“Singer Chemical Ali Alias Chemical Man the Comando hit maker had conflicts with his friend Ocen Brian over Two thousand shillings.
The incident happened today afternoon in Kakoge as they were playing card for money at Kakoge.
According to a whistleblower Ocen wanted his money from Chemical but instead he responded with a fight leaving the Ocen with injuries on his fore.
Ocen is currently nursing wounds in Gifted hand medical clinic in Kakoge with injuries on his fore head.”…. lira squoop early reported

Northern buzz keep you posted!