So sad:Tempra Omona goes emotional in his New retrieve song’Karama’,almost cry in it.

In many cases,tears are not always a sign of self pity but it can also reflect fear, Anger, happiness and relief that’s why it as been such a useful addition to music contents.

He never disappoint,Uganda Legendary singer Tempra Omona back at it again with a brand new song called ‘KARAMA’ a retrieve from a older version but this one is different.

In this new version of Karama song, Tempra Omona wishes fans,friends relative and family Mary Christmas but in other part of the verse he shared emotional story and how the year 2020 took him.

“It could have been worse but I thank God for it,there was alot of misfortunes” snip line from the song.

Download:Karama by Tempra Omona|MP3 Audio|