So sad:Two Students of Layibi college Gulu shot Dead.

Two Students of St Joseph College Layibi in Gulu have been confirmed dead after they and eight other students allegedly intrude
at Bright Bright Valley Girls secondary school in Bar-dege-Layibi Divsion Gulu.

Two has been shot dead,one sustained bullet and he is admitted at Gulu reffaral hospital.

The dead students have been identified as Rubangakene Kenneth and Emmanuel Okeny and the injured is identified as Ogen-rwot Jasper.

Three students were arrested and they have been identified as Okello Brian,Ogen-wrot Daniel and Okello Samuel.The are current under police detention
at Gulu central police station.

Photo of the injured student

According to reports, the students, numbering about 10,stealthily entered the bright valley Girl school at around 3:50am and went straught to the girl dormitory.

This promoted the security guards at the college,four in number,to open fire at them, thinking they were thugs,killing two and injuring one.