So touching:The army and Police blocked Bosmic Otim shows

The Army & Police in kitgum District yesterday 13th August Tuesday blocked reknown singer from North Otim Oyet best known Lucky bosmic Otim also a people Power deputy youth wing from holding a music shows.Bosmic was set to entertain his fans in kitgum Municipality on Tuesday in two a place called Cross bar and Silva Spoon.

Yesterday Many of his fans Started to flock the venue for a show by 8:00pm hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer stage performances.  However, the Police & army turns up and stopped the event saying the organizers never got clearance from them to hold the the event and they are not sure weather the event is a political rally or a music show.  Northern Buzz wasn’t able to get clarifications from management of Cross bar by press time on why the two shows was blocked.but one of the Entertainment portal from kitgum town ‘Northern celebrity tips’reported early that police and the army flooded Cross bar the venue where bosmic otim was to perform.

Northern Buzz keep posted on this development story.