Some artists are not added to Gulu Gang because they appears in event on a monthly basis.”—Said Bsg Labongo

After Capital FM decided to add more Northern Uganda artist on the performance list of Gulu Gang event that’s slated to take place on 29th December this months,other fans were again complaining why some of the prominent artists on chart like Polite mosko,Beepee,Laxzy movers and Eddy wizzy were not added on the list.

Few moments after the complaints,Singer Bsg Labongo who is also amongst the added performer came out to clarify the reason why the Gulu Gang event organizer marked those artists out.Bags said those artist why not added because they perform regular in the region.

“Capital Fm did their research on that case.. You can’t perform month in month out..year in year out.some people appears in event on a monthly basis.”.. Bsg Labongo

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