Son to MP AOL Betty Ocan ‘High priest’ officially joined the music his first music video.

Northern Uganda Music is going through a very interesting time, a time of growth and a time of prosperity, this time a son to Opposition Member of Parliament leader AOL Betty Ocan ‘High priest’ officially joined the force to push the music industry.

Speaking to high priest,he said even though he had been trying it in the passed few months,now he fully joined the music industry to concentrate in his music career.

Even though High priest only had one Music video a song called’ Question mark’ featuring pato,the son to the Member of Parliament promised to drop full album he is working on in January 2020.High priest also promised to play had to take the music industry to the next level.

Watch his first music video Question Mark below featuring Pato loverBoy.we wish him well in his music career.

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