Source says the apartment producer Nerio bought to set his new studio only cost him 220millionUGX but not 300million us he claims.

Forget about Jeff korondo,Easy Bass,Bosmic Otim or Mc wangjok,Producer Badman Nerio of Empires record could be one of the richest person in the northern music industry.
Recently the producer bought the North part of star palace apartment located behind Trinity College in Gulu town to relocate his recording studio that was at Gulu bus park.something he want to keep it out of the public but he let the rat out of the bag by telling his close untrusted friends.

The close friend told this news platform early this week that Nerio bought the Apartment he relocated his studio to but he is not ready to tell the public yet.when we try to follow up for the evidence about this.we found the producer wrote on Empire record social media wall.
“Thank God,hard work pay We are nòw located @Star Palace near Trinity College Opposite L.C 1 Office. Out of town BUT NOT OUT of style , It’s Simply a better Quality in a better Place”..Nerio Badman wrote on empire record social media wall.

According to Badman Nerio claims close friend,confirm that the producer bought the apartment but not at the Price he early told them,the friend added that Nerio bought the apartment at only 220million UGX but not 300million as he first told them.

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