Stop crying like a kid-Gina Gulu Warns Bosmic Otim

A blogger whose real identity is unknown but commonly known by the name Gina Gulu attacks Bosmic Otim after he released his latest song titled Satan in the church. These were his words to the legendary singer
First of all,I hope you are okay yunno
I listened to your song and you said “Kong lutuju,Kong luwaju,pe gengo irii”.
With this,allow me to tuju something here small small ento pe iwek ogeng irii wa wani kwedi, Iwinyo?

Jal omera “Yweka pa Kaka”, in ingeyo mere Ni “POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME?”. If you know that then you sound too raw for the game Yunno. You sound like a real political joker n a clown Yunno

I mean, All the Dirty moves that you claim “they” pulled on you is part of politics Yunno. Actually, that’s the real POLITICS. So stop crying like a kid,wipe your tears n move on bse this is the second song you have released and yet the people you’re talking about haven’t replied to your different accusations bse they see you as a real joke yunno.