Strange:Bosmic Otim gave City Boy 5million UGX for singing for him a campaign song.

Despite the fact that Chua west Mp aspirant William Otim Oyet best known Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim been paid by many politicians in the past general election to records for them a songs to boost their campaign activities,this time Bosmic Otim tying to make the life circles continues.

Bosmic Otim being an artist never stop him from paying his fellow singer for recording for him a song.411 from Gulu city indicate that Bosmic Otim happily given his fellow singer City Boy a huge amount of money after coming across a valued campaign song recorded by the singer.the song is titled as ‘Bosmic Otim Ocoro’.

We are not yet sure How much money Bosmic Otim gave to city Boy but clarified sources says Otim paid 5millionUgx after coming across the ‘Bosmic Otim Ocoro’ song that was released few days ago.

Download the song ‘Bosmic Otim Ocoro’ by City Boy below,share and comments.

Bosmic Otim Ocoro Makome by City Boy|Mp3 Audio|