Strange:Bosmic Otim plans to open his own nursery school.

Lucky Bosmic Otim will soon be faced with mentoring a number of acts on the X Factor .

But the singer has got bigger plans up his sleeve than just teaching him category everything he knows about the music industry.

Instead the Nile republic boss is reportedly planning on opening his own school in Northern Uganda next year in 18 years after doing music.Although the singer didn’t yet mention which town exatly he will open the school in,he is sure about it.while performing in a certain place in Pader Otim concluded that he’s sure to start his own nusery school next year.

“Am been doing this business for many years am sure and ready to give it back to community by Openning a school next year,we shall start with nursery school.”…..Said Bosmic Otim while in Pader.