Tempra Omona made me who I am today–Said Bosmic Otim.

Is this your first time earing Lucky Bosmic Joyce Otim giving credits to his fellow musician? Bosmic just revealed that Tempra Omona was mentor.

After singing half a dozen of Tempra Omona Songs during his lives stream birthday Party yesterday 14th,April at Da covenant Gulu, Lucky Bosmic Otim admits that ‘Gangwa tye Gulu Crooner Tempra Omona made him who he is today.

“At the first place he was my mentor,I have to give credits were it’s due, Tempra Omona made me who I am today”Said Bosmic Otim on a live stream birthday party.he added ” without him,I would have not been who I am today,He motivated me to join the game.”

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