Tempra Omona ready for showdown

Legendary artist Tempra Omona last Christmas day performed at the Acholi inn in Gulu, where he put up a razor sharp performance.
Having shined at the event, ‘Nen Awene’ Singer is coming back and is set to perform at Kitgum bus park this coming Easter Friday and Acholi inn Gulu on 16th/april easter Sunday.
The artist famed for hits like Nyani oo,Gulu,Wanen Awene Ikura and many others,in a social media post saying is ready for the showdown tommorrow.
” Kitgum am in your town tomorrow. Dont miss the greatest show@ The bus park.”…Tempra

The Tempra Omona Easter 17 concert shows advance tickets are selling at ugs5000 and ugs10000 VIP,according to an adverts , one can also buy tickets at O cafe Gulu.
The organiser said the gates during the event will open earlier at 6pm and that the lineup on the day also includes some of the up and coming urban artists.

Some of the artists set to spice up the Tempra Omona Easter 17 shows include Maria A, Laxy and Blamo better known as Movers,Polite Mosko.Liama,ever young Ajulu,Ojekele,Kuchi and City Boy.