The 23 years old singer Daugy Fresh Denied testing Actress Eve Jay juicy pot.

Singer Daugy Fresh Denied Having Huge Crush On Northern Uganda’s Actress Eve Jay
Well, that’s surprising.
Rumors as it that the lyricist be hide nice songs like Nine Kur, Mar Na Ikumi is busy flirting on actress Eve Jay.
Since he’s risen to fame, Daugy Fresh has become Northern Ugand’s resident lyric-star heartthrob (right next to Late Lumix Dadon, of course). Plenty of his fans are absolutely obsessed with him, but he’s also been linked to quite a few of his fellow celebrities over the years, although he’s denied being more than friends with any of them. Watch out actress Eve Jay isn’t at all who you’d expect.
Daugy Fresh admits they are close but it’s no any other relationship apart from being good friends
Daugy Fresh has confirmed or denied these rumors, but at a hangout in Gulu with fans in that he’s got a HUGE crush on actress Eve Jay. “I really just do love Eve Jay, and I’d tell her that,” he told

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