The apartment you bought cannot even even cost 100millionUGX,Joe Emrold opened up a bloody fight on Badman Nerio.

Badman Nerio new apartment doesn’t consant haters and Media’s houses only but also his fellow Gulu based music producers like Joe Emrold and few others.

This is the second time in the Northern Uganda music industry Joe Emrold beefing his fellow and holding their success to be his consant.the first one was in November 2017 when he tried to hire police to block Eddy wizzy Weng Nono Concert.this time again Joe Emrold mind is not as rest at all after media Unveiled Badman Nerio New apartment, a house Nerio recently bought to set his video ware and recording studio…after,Joe became among the few who shows negative consant about the house…

“The studio cannot even cost 100millionUGX,the one I know best is in ntinda,ojoooone Kong wacoyo jami with sense”
He added
“This is the only studio in Uganda that cost 135 Ugx. Its in Ntinda called Masters
Northern Uganda / Northern Buzz Luo and Northern bluh bluh so called Bloggers Wake up.
Post something with sense.
No any studio here is worth even 50Million.
Platinumz House is worth 37 million so stop Wanting
Docter Kaunda do we copy.”..Said Joe Emrold.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!