“The Award Is For The Hit Makers, Not Comedians”, Said Juma Jammie

Whether at sprawling festivals or intimate clubs, this is the Music Awards Show we wouldn’t dare miss.
With lots of excitements, fans are eagerly waiting for best and adorable Northern Uganda’s music award scheduled to take place tonight at Dalink Garden and not any other place apart.
Gets Cool with a little help from Friends on No_One
Regardless of how listening to albums and songs has changed over the last several decades, hitting music remains a constant. Around this time of year, loads of artists announce their live show itineraries while festivals cue us in to other performers who are likely to be on the road. As fans, we scan these listings looking for our home city (or something within a reasonable distance), plotting out just who we get to see and when we get to see them.
As always, it’s difficult to nail down the best Music Award coming our way. Maybe that’s why we update this feature a few times a year. Aside from the following super rocking artists, which include giant legendary super star Roslyn Otim Storm in live performance along side 2017 finest boys and girls ranging from Eddy Wizzy, Rakas Topa, Okeng Borntown, Smokie Allan, Romeo Odong, Ozaite, Pato Lover Boy, Banana Joe and many others on one stage.
This is sure to be another great year for Northern Uganda’s Music Awards.
To witness it yourself, Dalink Garden is the perfect place and not the comedy arena of Team Osai and Docter Kaunda.