The 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2018 #IncludeEveryone is underway. As part of our #IncludeEveryone program #DIAA2018 is the leading event honoring the best in digital across Africa. DIAA2018 focus is on digital inclusion, financial inclusion, and cybersecurity for which 26 awards categories have been set . Nomination submission entries are open from June 25th 2018 and will close by July 25th 2018

Entering the awards provides a platform for organizations to showcase their innovations, best products and services over the last year. Achieving a nomination and winning a Digital Impact Award Africa helps set organisations apart from their competitors.


Financial Inclusion

Best Digital Financial Service Platform for Africa
Best Remittances Service for Africa
Best RegTech Product/Innovation for Africa
Best Fintech Product/Innovation for Africa
Digital Excellence

Best Mobile App/Content Innovation for Africa
Digital Africa Best Innovation Product/Service

Financial Inclusion

Best Cybersecurity Practice in Financial Services Industry
Best Online Banking
Best Mobile Banking
Best Financial Inclusion Services Provider
Best Payments Integrator/FinTech
Best Promoter of Financial Literacy
Best Saving and Lending Product/Innovation
Best Use of Digital by Microfinance
Digital Excellence

Best Digital Customer Service By Bank
Best Digital Customer Service By Technology Brand
Best Digital Customer Service By Utilities/Services Brand
Best Technology Brand on Social Media
Best Consumer Goods Brand on Social Media
Best Government Organization on Social Media
Best Utilities/Services Brand on Social Media
Best Bank Brand on Social Media
Best Data/Internet Services Provider
Best Web and Mobile Apps Advancement
Best E-Service/E-Commerce Product/Innovation

Digital Brand of the Year