Thing are getting hard now,Pato cried out!!!is Pato LoverBoy getting broke?

Some fans are in shocked after Pato LoverBoy cried out almost twice in less than two months despite being among the Top 10 Northern Uganda richest musicians in 2020-2021 lists.

Yes it’s not to easy to stay without earning through your passionate job and hard work.

“God help us ,Jami ne pe yot,…Dong tek teke tye” luo words translated as ‘God help us, it’s not easy . this time is different”..

This is not the first time Pato LoverBoy cried out, The first one was on 22, June last month when the singer publicly posted that if you love his music you should send him some little dimes.

“If you love me and my music.
Send me money….
Almost 2yrs without performing but Good song and video flowing”…

After publishing,later Pato LoverBoy removed the caption from his Facebook time line but he was late,he did it after the screen shot association storms his time line.
Screen shot below.

Is Pato LoverBoy getting broke? According to our understanding,we learned that Pato is trying to cry for the whole music industry in general.
Northern Buzz keep you posted!

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