Three-Year-old Boy Appointed As Clan Chief In Kitgum Northern Uganda

Patrick Ouma Lutwayi II is just three years and seven months old, but his self-comportment sets him apart from his agemates in his community.
On a Monday morning at their home in Tai Ocot village in Labongo Amida Sub-county, Kitgum District Northern Uganda, Ouma is seated on a wooden chair under a tree in their family compound overlooking a walkway into their homestead. He cuts a tough look pose and is quite neat while his peers go about playing in the dirt.
His father Richard Ocaya tells KILAK TV UG-Ktv in an interview that his son’s characters have never been the same, nearly a year ago since he was appointed as a clan chief of Parakono sub-clan.
Ouma is the first in the Oceng lineage to inherit the Parakono sub-clan throne, in several years since the death of the once-powerful clan Chief Lutwayi I in the 1920s. Since then, the throne has been headed by caretakers until last year when Ouma was appointed as the legitimate clan chief in February.
Ocaya says he has since been preparing his son for his new roles by coaching him on the rich history of the Parakono sub-clan, and the Acholi people in particular.