Top 10 Hottest Northern Uganda Artists in 2017,Bosmic Otim pushed to number 3

It’s that time of the year when we take stock of all that has transpired in the outgoing 365 days as per the Northern Uganda music industry.

We will be reviewing the most impactful Northern Ug artists based on their works and how far reaching they scaled with their music and star power.This is the list of top 10 hottest Northern Uganda artist in 2017.

Number 1 Eddy Wizzy
The Caden singer Eddy Wizzy had his biggest outing in music in 2017. He was able to put out on of the best song this year with lots of traction considering he is an alternative music maker.Eddy wizzy has one of the most popular songs this year ‘Weng Nono ’.

Number 2 Tempra Omona
Northern Uganda Music legend ,Tempra Omona , delivered his first body of work ‘Gulu ’ at the beginning of 2017. One of the high points on that project was to be the stand out single of the year,the song was produced by Charly king.

The song ‘Gulu was the only song that wrestled out others northern Ug hit song to become the most played song in Northern Uganda at some point. 

Number 3 Bosmic Otim
The Nile republic boss has been very consistent in the last half of a decade, albeit only changing positions on lists of this nature.Lucky Bosmic Otim after what seem like a difficult start for him finally settled into his own typical kind of music with the very viral hit ‘megi ber and osangala’.

Number 4 Okeng borntown
The swagger team CEO made it both ways this year.One for his music and secondly for sparking a lot of controversy with his opinions. The ‘muziki time’ crooner emerged to be among the top 4 outstanding Northern Uganda musician of 2017 With alot of tours concerts within the country.

Number 5 Liama
Lalam Irene aka Liama  was kinging on a more national level.AE bad girl managed to be in numbers 5.The music star was able to deliver hit after hit from january to December.During the year in review Liama bagged the highest number of national collaboration than any northern artist.

Number 6 Rakas Topa
Rakas Topa ,is literally the baddest guy in the game as far as 2017 in Northern Uganda is reviewed musically. The ‘Pa Abiye ’ crooner kept the music industry on lock and put the keys in his pocket. From Bum Bum ,malo to Pa abiye, ,Rakas perfected the slogan ‘every single was a hit back to back’.

Number 7 Pretty B
Pretty B is not called the queen of Pine Avenue 5 for nothing.The Diva gave us hits back to back. Her debut song of the year ‘Dwoka Dwoni piny ’ is one of the most played songs on radio in the region , and one of the hottest AfroBeats anthems this year.

Before we all got tired of ‘Dwoka dwoni piny ’ she dropped another hit ‘Abutu gang ku’

Number 8 Luck Dee
Although he may be hugely underrated,Lucky Dee let his music speak for him, and more especially in 2017.The money maker hit maker had a smooth ride into 2017 on the heels of his monster hit ‘This year and money maker featured Pallaso ’, which ended up being among the hottest collaboration songs of 2016-2017 with a whopping 60,000 views on YouTube

Number 9 Mc Wang Jok
Former Pine Avenue 5 star Mc Wang jok currently in talent Avenue may not have released a badest song like ‘Atye Ka tic’ but he is responsible for producing the hottest Hip Hop song this year, ‘Pe I kwala ’. He also delivered hits like ‘Lajara ’,, and Anyaka which features Voltage music .Mc Wang jok is among the few artists who have taken their craft to the national front

Number 10 Laxy and Blamo
At the start of the year, Laxy Blamo were already getting a lot of buzz and was on the watch list for many, however not many would’ve predicted what an incredible year they ended up having.

Many of there hit, turned them into a mainstream household.
Northern Buzz keep you posted!