Uganda electoral commissioner warned Bobi wine against using red colour,said the colour belong to UPC.

The Uganda electoral commissioner has warned People power NUP/National unity platform led by Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine against using red colour.the body said the colour is already reserved for UPC.

Justice simon Byabakama,the electoral commission chairperson said Robert Kyagulanyi’s party applied for a change to make red colour the dominant one but their request is turned down because red is already reserved for UPC party/Uganda people Congress.

“Under the former party,it was white and blue,but they wanted to change so that the red dominates,we wrote back and told them the colour is already been taken by UPC party and that their request can’t be entertain.” Said Simon Byabakama

He added that even after writing to the party to stop using red colour ,the party went ahead to use the color.

“We don’t want UPC to ask why we allow another party to use their colour,that’s why we indicate it to them but they still went ahead and launches the colour party as red.” Simon Byabakama said.