Uganda Ministry of health blames singer Eezzy,they said he his involved in the activities that has increases covid 19 cases in Uganda.

The Uganda ministry of health has asked the UCC a Government body in charge of communication and the ministry of IT to ban singer Eezy songs Tumbiza
sound for allegedly preaching against covid 19 guidelines as they claims.

According to communication for the Ministry Director for health services Henry G Mwebesa,said the song ‘Tumbiza sound’ has caused misinformation
among different audiences and subsequently creating complacency that led to increase of covid 19 cases in the country.

Mwebesa now requested the UCC to ban the song with immediate effect to ensure that the song is not play in all mass media channels in the country.he also added that the songs about Covid 19 should be approve by ministry of health before it’s aired to the public.

“Futhermore,I wish to request that going forward,all edutainment/messages on COVID 19 passed onto the different media houses harmonized
with the ministry of health before they aired” said Mwebesa.

in the part of Tumbiza sound song,Singer Eezzy asked Ministry of Health to quarantine people inside bars for 14 days.
Download Tumbiza sound song below to rate it.

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Mwebesa letter to UCC below.