Ugandan Model Aamito Lagum Covers Top American Magazine”ALLURE Magazine”

Accomplished Ugandan model and Africa’s top model winner Aamito Lagum, is among the three models cast for the cover of April 2017’s issue of Allure Magazine. In the issue that tackles diversity, Aamito Lagum poses with fellow models Dilone and Imaan Hammam, resulting in a sultry and rich front cover for the magazine.
The issue profiled 41 women of colour and had them discuss what the colour of their skin means to them and the challenges that they have had to overcome as a result. Aamito opened up about facing racism especially in America saying, “Growing up in Uganda, I did not fit into the ideal. I was too dark. I was too tall. But I didn’t really notice I was black until I came to the U.S. Here I’m black, whereas I was just a person in Uganda.”
The Ugandan model went ahead to open up about dealing with backlash and racist comments on Instagram that were a result of MAC sharing a picture of Aamito’s lips during New York Fashion Week. The controversy led to a campaign under the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod celebrating the beauty of black women. Aamito also talked about learning to love her skin.

This issue of Allure is an important one having brought together some of the most celebrated women of colour in current times. Among key names in the interview are Samira Wiley, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato and Priyanka Chopra.
Aamito, Dilone and Imaan were an excellent pick for the cover as the images are simply stunning and their glowing skin radiates right through the cover. Have a look at what I am talking about!AMITO