Ugandan UK based woman who Lands in hospital after 18inch cassava she was using to Masturbate gets stuck inside her Vigina almost getting recoverd

Ugandan UK based woman has had herself to blame after an improvised dildo made from a huge tuber of cassava got stuck in her vagina, and caused a lot of bleeding. She had to be operated on by doctors before the cassava could be removed. Doctors had to perform an immediate operation to remove it from her genital.


She got interviewed after the medical operations and explained that she masturbated with a cassava because because her husband’s penis is too small it can’t satisfy her. On this particular day, she was horny and decided to use the 18 inches Cassava root as a dildo. She designed it herself, but it accidentally got stuck inside her gentals. She started to bleed and had to call an ambulance right away.
According to current obtain report,indicate that she is getting well.0a20ac2361c7e460a12d4376cf3a3679
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