Uganda’s RapperJudas Rapknowledge gained international attention after replying to Kao Denaro ‘Village Boy’ Dissed.

Africans hip- hop lovers has discovered another Rap lion in the Continent,this time not from West Africa Nigeria or Southern Africa but from Uganda East Africa.A country where the late Lumix da done hailed from.

Uganda’s self proclaim top Rapper Kilara best Known Judas Rapknowledge has gained continent attentions after replying to ‘Sierra Leon’ Top Rapper Kao Denaro Dissied ‘The village’ with the song he tagged ‘ Protect your soul.

The attention started to fuel after Africa’s top hip-hop videos reactors Zeng branded Judas Rapknowledge as ‘African Nas’ this before most south Africans and West Africans hip-hop bloggers/vloggers begins talking about his Rap career.

Rapknowledge gained additional 600 YouTube subscribers and 4000 facebook followers in a couples of days after the replied to Kao Diss with the new song he tagged with the name “Protect your soul’

Download the ” Protect your soul’ below,the song that made him the subject among Africans hip-hop community.

Download:Protect Your Soul by Judas Rapknowledge|Mp3 Audio|

Also watch the video below.