Valley curve record threat to take Liama to court over Lumix Da Don song

Even though Singer Liama Irene trying to keep Lumix Da Don legacy,some of the goon at valley record are not happy with her.

The current management of Lumix da Don Record label valley curve record pull out a statement of an intention to inflict Liama Irene with the hostile action over reproducing Lumix Da Don song ‘Ijingu kumi ikoma.

Valley curve threat to Open a copyright court case On Liama & her management if they denied to compensate.The Record labels claims Neither Liama Irene nor her management never ask them for permission to re produced lumix song ‘Ijingu kumu ikomo’, making them to categories the act under copright infringement.

“We are ready to go to court, someone is going to loose alot of money over reproducing the song without permission “…Staff at valley curve record

When we tried to contact valley curve PR Raw fam via phone call over the thread to Liama,we found his phone was off.
Download Liama version and see the screen shot below.

Download:Ijingu kumi koma by Liama ft Lumix|Mp3 Audio|