Video.Bosmic Otim team up with Upcoming musician called Vita Zero3ee against LC 5 Okao of Omoro District.

According to the news that’s over trending in Northern Uganda right now. LC 5 of Omoro district name as Mr. Okao general in chief of male he goat. he has been claimed over by many women’s husband around him just on because of something naturally born in human being hence create a lot funs on him and socialites follower was got to printing it’s on t-shirts while naming Title “Gamente kitura Atura, Amari ento alwo” that’s finally even goes viral to everyone within the region.

LC 5 known as Mr.  Okao of Omoro district was claimed and catch red handed on cheating on another woman by recording his live voice note while talking to a woman through phone and that’s voice automatically made it’s as trend voice note over whole Northern region hence making socialites followers and fans got to print it’s on T. shirt saying “Gamente  kitura Atura and Amare Ento Alwo” voice note Exposed.

Many musicians also got to make it’s as their music trend through doing informed of song i.e. Mc Young Money ft Milo vibes and Pato loverboy ft Badman coda and Bosmic Otim has got to hook upcoming musician’s called Vita Zero3ee to sing against LC 5 Mr.  Okao of Omoro as well as through his voice note that’s was over trending and it’s still online trending Title “Gamente Kitura Atura”.

Bosmic Otim Featuring Vita Zero3ee against voice notes of Mr. general Okao trending spirt has been made as good sound music informed of Amaphano type and it was not made just for Mr. Okao trending spirt but for everyone because as human being we have all something that’s force us naturally born.

Here below is music link click on and watch it video.