Video:they want to kill me–NRM flag bearer Bosmic Otim Cries out for help.

Singer William Otim Oyet best known Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim who is also among the Chua west Member of paliament contestant testify that his life is in danger and he is in a deep worry.

In a video presented today 5/January 2021 Wednesday speaking in luo Bosmic Otim Cries out for help said unknown people are threatening his live and plans to eliminate him might be under way.

Chua West NRM flag bearer Bosmic Otim who believes that the plan of his assassination attempt is connected to political activities said he have a virified clue that two guns men are already brought into Kitgum from Masindi District to end his life and they might trailing him now.

Bosmic also said he already reported the matter and the said plans to Kitgum police station.

Watch Bosmic Otim testifying about his life threath.