Video:Ugandans need justice for a pregnant woman who was undress & cained in front of minors in Lira.blame for stealing a kilo of bean.

After a video showing a man undressing a pregnant woman & caining her in front of minors went viral on what’s app,many Ugandans came out to condame the acts,saying is not right for any one to take the law into his or her hand,some went by saying the Government institution should intervene in the matter so that the justice is prevails for the woman if possible.

Source says the video was captured in Lira a District in Northern Uganda.In a video a woman was pleading in a “Lango language”a tribe in Northern Uganda ..tima kica do,meaning please forgive me I will never repeat it.while at the end of the captured video,the women in the background are shouting “nen kiti Lane kede pingo I bedo akwo” translation in English as see how you ashamed you self.why do you still?

Reaction from some Ugandans,

Mike:Even a war loads who killed thousands of people are not treated like that if captured leave along that what of the politician who are stealing billion of public fans.this is Human Rights abuse Government institution should one should take the law into his or her matter the crime.

Omara:it happened in our region lango am peaking the language well.see how Radio stations in lango region and Local medias are quite about this Human Rights abuse.are they still waiting for Medias houses from Kampala to break this?oooo So touching.

In a whats app comment,one guy claims the woman was brutalized for stealing a kilo of bean.he added the woman is pregnant.

Click the link below to watch the video.

Follow the link to watch a woman uudress & cained watch