Video:Vision groups & Startimes Uganda unveils Luo TV station.

Vision group in conjunction with Satellite and Terrestrial distributor Startime joined hands together and unveiled the first Luo TV station ‘Wan Lou TV’. translated in Luo as We are luo Tv.

According to Robert Kabushenga,the chief executive officer and a managing director of vision group during the launched of the TV via zoom meeting at vision group headquarter in Kampala capital,said the Luo television which known as ‘Wan Luo’ TV is aim at promoting unity solidarity and togetherness through culture and language.

The Wan luo TV station that will kicks start their operations this Sept 2020 will target the Audiences age 25-45 according Bill Tibingana,the head of broadcast under vision group.

Wan luo TV will have 70% locally generated contents.

Watch the video launched of Wan Luo TV below below.