Warm Welcome From Kitgum Fans For Goga Flow Singer 2 Pee

Northern Uganda’s Goga Flow singer 2 Pee arrived in Kitgum today as part of his “Well Come Back 2 Pee Goga Flow Tour” around Northern Uganda.
2 Pee Goga Flow, who escaped death after being attacked by Iron hit men last November nursed serious head injuries from the attacks which nearly made off with his life but with the good love of the Almighty God, he survived.
As he walked through Kitgum town, fans applauded and cameras clicked away.
2 Pee, who has been off the music scene for almost six months, shot to fame at the time when he introduced his “Goga Flow” music genre with his hit, Lalonyo, Mama, and very many others.
“I am so excited to be here,” he said. “The response has been amazing and I am honoured to have such a warm welcome.”
2 PeeC said he was nervous ahead of his performance scheduled to take place in Kitgum tonight, but that he was looking forward to blowing the crowd away. “I always get nervous before a performance. It shows I care.”
Asked what he planned to sing at the event, he said: First to thank the beloving fans for their cares and love for praying for him, lots of classics. I don’t want to leave anyone disappointed. I have missed you fans enough, it’s time to get back to you.
My Way singer, Quincy, 17 – who will be part of tonight’s opening act – was one of the diehard fans waiting for the show. “I am so excited to perform with such a talented artist. This is the first time I am performing with a greatly adorable artist and I’m nervous as well as excited. It is really a dream come true,” she said.