We don’t open our legs to the Indians for them to give us jobs at betting centres-Ayota Brenda Ayota to Doctor Kaunda

It seems northern Uganda Music die hard fan Ayota Brenda ayota still giving x-mas gifts till late,that’s why she promised to offer Docter Kaunda free pussy as the best Christmas gift ever she has remained with.

This all came when War of words broke between Anti Juma Jammie Awards Doctor Kaunda and The 27-year-old fan Ayota Brenda.The exchange of words emerge when Ayota Brenda opposed some Artists move on Juma Jammie Awards that will take place on 1 Jan 2018.This made Ayota not to control some of her words any more she ended promising Kaunda free p..ssy as a x-mas Gift.

Ayota Brenda Ayot
“Juma jammie will have a successful show be it they are not there or they are ,be smart, wise and confidence when hustling Ok.Yeah if I were them would get the little for this year and make my new year resolution not to accept exploitation from any promoter, organiser, presenter.

Docter Kaunda
“Ayota_Brenda_Ayot who i guess has been used by various legs has always been yapping on issues of musicians.”

Ayota Brenda
“Docter Kaunda you think working at the betting centre mean we open our legs to those Indians?,I don’t know what you guys always discuss Daily while chewing what you call VIP Mira at complex studio varander ,If you want it too I can even offer for you for free. ”