Am well known but I have nothing in my pocket—Lucky David cry out

Reknown Uganda’s Gulu based singer Lucky David Wilson comes out to address the public on what hurt him most,The singer who said he had only business non other music cried out,Although he is popular,he claims he is financial weak.
“My name is Lucky David Wilsion am an artist. I sing,dance,entertain and etc.i always do my best to do the right things for my people but there are some people who don’t apreciate me at all .they take me for a show but they don’t pay me .I don’t have any other job apart from music .I only survive with music .am an Acholi the LUO .Am well known but I have nothing in my pocket but my name ..I have been crying for so many years. Begging from people who can surport and promote my talent. But I can’t find it at all .yet I know very well that there are so many LUOS from all over the world who are well off and they can do what am trying to say is that. we the LUOS we are ones, so please let’s promote, protect, and surport one another.then we are going to own the world. …God bless you all …Apwoyo Dano Ducu.”….Lucky David