How it went down at Tempra Omona’s Easter concert at Acholi inn.

*Though the Sunday evening was welcomed by some rain drizzling, the atmosphere in Gulu town was cool and very clear to spice the day at Acholi Inn during Tempra Omona’s Easter Concert.
The Cooperate Tables were neatly arranged infront for those who made it in the wallets to produce one hundred thousand shillings (100,000/=), and most interestingly,most funs made it to the VIP section.

At exactly 10:00am, the show began with some Coca Cola promotions and crowd were given chances to try and win different prizes which amongst them includes brand new audio CDs for Tempra Omona 2017, this forced some funs who believe in themselves to visit the stage for their show-case, whereby a Chelsea supporter called Mike entertained the crowd with #LuckyDube’s track #HowWillIKnow which forced crowd to offer him warm hand claps. Another sweet curtains raiser who arosez the crowd was a sweet young Ariana did #OneLastChance and again there were nice kids who actually amuse the fun when they proved to the crowd they can models.
The most expected event which was indeed the show from invited artists began with powerful performance from Maria A doing #Pegene followed by her hit song #Dano, she was followed by Kuchei, Skape, Polite Mosko, Ezzy, Liama , Ever Young Ajulu, Ogegele and finally the big man, Tempra Omona welcomed his fun with 2017 hit song #Gulu, he conformed his love for Gulu land,The song #Gulu uplifted most of the funs from there seats to make it forward to take snaps of their home boy Tempra doing it on stage.
Tempra went ahead unleashed his child time telling the crowd that he was parented to by his grand mother and did #Mama as a tribute song to all mothers in the building, these were followed by songs like #Ikura, #WanAcel, #Iri and all the old hit songs.