West Nile TV to Officially start their operation this month of May,2021.

Finally greater North of Uganda will have theirs TV stations that broadcast live from their region.

Despite the fact that Wan luo Television broadcast Northern Uganda’s contents and luo contents, the station is not runs from the region and the headquarter is still at Vision group office in Kampala capital.

West Nile TV management and affirmative art finally confirmed the station operation on terrestrial distribution network Go TV and Startime this month of May,2021 after 30days of set up and training employees.

“Affirmative and West Nile TV connect to plan for future prospect LIVE experience, soon on Go TV and Startime this month”.. Affirmative management confirmed.

West Nile TV will be the only TV stations operating in the Great North,The station is located in the heart of Arua city, West Nile.