What you don’t know about Lumix da don

Lumix Da Don a.k.a Patrick Lumumba (February 21, 1978 – July 13, 2015) was a underground Ugandan rapper, record producer, founder and CEO of Valley Curve Recordz. He is also the producer with the most singles produced and recorded. Although he was Northern Uganda’s most visible personality, he stayed low-key in the Central parts of Uganda. He remained famous among the Old School emcees and some of the hardest Hip Hop fans.

Lumix is one of the best freestyle emcees that the African continent might hear in decades. Most of Lumix’s singles were either freestyles or were written 5–10 minutes before being recorded. Due to his catchy – crystal clear rhyme delivery techniques, Lumix Da Don earned his place as the most quoted artiste in Uganda.

Lumix Da Don started his career in Jinja College School in Jinja district in the Eastern part of Uganda. While at Jinja College, he participated in rap contests where he proved he could have a place in the temple of Hip Hop. He started out with a group known as SNAG N’ O and later on formed the Disciples of Apocalypse(DOA).

Lumix was also one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop in Uganda at large. This involved him going out and rapping in different night spots in Kampala in the company of other emcees like Lyrical G, Krazy Native a.k.a Saba Saba, Saint CA, Easy Tex, MC Yalla, Sylvester and Abrahams among others.

He is known to have won rap battles in Uganda that were organized at Club Silk making him 3 time battle winner for 3 years (1998, 1999 and 2000) consecutively.

In 2003, he recorded his first song titled “Get Down” but felt something was lacking in the production. He then embarked on mastering the art of production thus creating his own sound.

By 2005, he had fully baked a 14 track album titled “Inpe Ngeyo” literally translating to (You Don’t Know Me) from which he garnered a massive following in Northern Uganda. Lumix Da Don Single handedly made Hip Hop an Urban genre to be appreciated by the rural people. He then became so widely known for his catchy and crystal clear rhymes.

Lumix had collaborations with a wide range of artiste’s majorly from the Underground. Artiste’s such as D-Trick , Tha Rawfam, NL Squad (YBP,Tim Tovi and Big Pryce), Detroit, Detroit, Fx, Nob D, GNL Zamba among others were also branded by him. He also laid the foundation for Lugaflow’s GNL Zamba. Lumix, GNL and T’bro collaborated on “True Manhood”. Another notable single was a Uganda Hip Hop All Star “Brand New Day” in 2006 that gained notable airplay on MTV Base.
Production Style

He is arguably the best Hip Hop producer in Uganda and most likely Africa at large. Lumix’s beats when listened to had a flavour to the string that would be quite catchy in melody. He mastered the art of production and therefore had a series of Hardcore Hip Hop emcees following his lead. The long catalog of emcees included NL Squad (YBP, Tim Tovi and Big Pryce), Tha Rawfam, Detroit, D-Trick, Detroit, Fx, GNL ZAMBA,Lyrical G, Nob D, GOC (Guys Of Controversy), Heights, Fellipe amongst others.

His production prowess got him a slot as an Executive producer for the “Hip Hop Canvas” in 2006 in which a couple of emcees were involved. Some of them included Lyrical G, The Luo Ancestors (Gipir and Labong), Emma Katya, Saint CA, Krazy Native and Easy Tex among others.

Lawraid Vibes, Easy Tex, Oukins, and Junior Lee are some producers that are known to have been mentored by Lumix Da Don. Many have made careers of his mentorship. Easy Tex is now a producer with DEG(Deuces Entertainment Group), Lawraid has been helping build careers in multiple studio’s including Urban Aksent, Junior Lee migrated to South Sudan and is running a studio there.

Another notable emcee that grew under Lumix’s watch is GNL for whom Lumix mentored and produced for “Omusajja” in 2005. GNL now runs “Baboon Forest” a record label in Uganda.

On 13 July 2015 at about 12:00 am, Lumix Da Don passed on due to Liver failure. He was laid to rest in his ancestral home in Laroo Division in Gulu district – Uganda.

His burial was epic as it’s rumored that a school in Kitgum closed down for a while on the demise of the rapper as the moods there were very low. There was a 3-4 hour jam on Gulu – Juba road from about 11 pm (EAT) as thousands of fans gathered in disbelief while waiting for the body to arrive. His untimely death occurred at a time when most of the youth (students) were at school. It would have been even worse if the body arrived during day time. The numbers would be immeasurable.

On Wednesday (15 July 2015) morning the native Artiste’s fund-raised for the legend through a car wash. The body was then taken to The District Council Hall for Public viewing for the whole day where thousands of fans paid their respects to him. It’s also said that some businesses in the Gulu streets halted.

By 5 pm (EAT), there was a Football Match between the Artistes and Radio presenter’s where all the funds raised were taken to the family. At about 9 pm there was a fundraiser concert where All Artiste’s performed and the proceeds were passed to the family.

At 9 am (EAT) on Thursday (16 July 2015), prayers were held and by 1 pm (EAT) thousands flocked for the burial and there were performances at the burial scene.

It was said that Lumix Da Don is goin’ to have a street/road named after his name. Lumix’s picture is goin’ to be stuck in the District Council Hall as one of Acholi greats. It’s also said that there is goin’ be a billboard in Center of Gulu Town in honor of the Legend.

Radio stations and individuals had also dedicated all their resources to playing Lumix’s songs, tributes and the like. One of his last recorded singles “Try” went viral and is also a chat topper in the region.

“He (Lumix Da Don) liked Hip Hop; he introduced Hip Hop at the time many feared venturing in it. It was Hip Hop that my brother loved and no one in the family objected to it”, said Ochan Ronald (Lumix’s young brother)
Accolades and honors

In 2011, Lumix Da Don beat the odds s he was crowned as “Northern Uganda’s Artiste of the Year” in Uganda’s PAM (Pearl of Africa Music)Awards for the single “Dirty Job”.

On 2 January 2016, he won a posthumous award for “Try” as the “Single of the Year” at the Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards (NUEA).

Lumix is also honored to be the foundation stone for hip hop in Northern Uganda and partly Uganda at large.

Lumix’s unmatched poetical and lyrical ability was often manifested in his rhymes. Below are some of his quotes;

“Am a man now no turning back, you know the river don’t flow backwards”

“I reminisce the days I was younger, I dreamt of being a pilot that was my plot. But now look at me striking like thunder choosing a microphone was never a blunder. Am famous now”

“You can never keep a good man down; you can never deny a real king his crown”

“I make music for those that bounce but can’t dance”

“I might just be one of the best to do this well. Listen then you can tell the difference between a Pro and amatuer”

“I will take anybody that runs his mouth about VC, break you like a wack rapper CD”

“One emcee from VC is harder than 20 Baboons up in the forest. Halla at me monkeys”

“After this track, emcees will need medication”

“This microphone is the source of my power. I rip rhymes by the hour”

“If you are feeling sick I know you are definitely healing”

“I spit fire burn up your empire. I came here to fumigate get rid of rapper snakes that imitate. You irritate”

“I got hidden codes in my flow that you can never retrieve. Please believe you will bleed indeed. Should I Proceed?”

“I had to defy the odds just to slam on the board I did it my way after they told me my music won’t play”

Fans and the rap community in Uganda poured out their heart felt condolences to the fallen veteran Hip Hop general. Radio stations call logs were jammed as every fan wanted to say a word for him. Others did the same using the media platforms such as face book and twitter.

GNL Zamba had this to say; “He recorded my first demo for the songs yenze & Lukka on the Album koi koi at 3am after walking from ntinda centre with Easy teks to his house and we worked together on the HipHop canvass project.True Manhood song too, we Battled whenever we met, freestyled together. Lumix has been a true Pioneer of HipHop in Uganda. The loss of another Ntinda soldier, LugaFlow General, Friend and Ol’G. I will miss you Lumix.” Is what GNL Zamba posted on his Facebook page.

Another notable rapper Navio posted on his facebook page; “Rest in Peace to the legend Lumix. An artist who came out of Gulu doing what he loved most- Hip hop. Rest in Peace to the Generale’ Lumix!”